7 Great Websites for Planning Dog-Friendly Vacations

Small light brown dog looking out window of parked car

Do you love to get away, but hate leaving your dog? You could kennel them or hire a pet sitter—or better yet, you could take them with you! Vacationing with your dog lets you take a break and see new places without missing your best friends (or them missing you!)

Traveling with a dog takes a little planning.

Lots of young dogs in the back of a car with the trunk open, and on the car read MyPerfectPetFood.comYou’ll need to think about where you’ll stay, where you’ll eat, and where your pup will do her business. You’ll need to pack items for your dog’s comfort and safety. It’s all worth it, but it pays to do your homework.

The good news? More and more people want to travel with their pets, so there are resources to help you find the information you need before you go. Before you jump in the car or head for the airport with your pup, do a little research.

These 7 websites can help plan your trip:

Bring Fido

Whether you’re looking for a place to stay, eat or let your pup to run off-leash, Bring Fido home can help you find it. You can also find pet stores, vets, and dog friendly events. Search by destination anywhere in the world, or use their list of most pet friendly destinations to choose where to travel. Have a specific question? Call one of their pet experts or tap into the knowledge of other dog-loving travelers in their forum.

Go Pet Friendly

Planning a road trip? Go Pet Friendly can help you plan it. Select your start and end points along with the kinds of places—hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, services—you’re looking for, and Go Pet Friendly will show you options along your route. They boast over 60,000 locations within the United States and Canada. If you’re not sure where to go, check out their destination guides for dog-friendly cities.

Dog Friendly

Want to go check out a cattle drive or stroll through an aquarium? Is shopping your thing — or do you prefer baseball? Dog Friendly can help you find a place to stay, but it can also help you find unique or unexpected dog-friendly activities. Use their easy online search or check out their city guides and travel books to plan a vacation you and your dog will love.

Vacation Pet Friendly (discontinued)

Previously, you could find a hotel, B&B, or vacation rental—and book it. In the past, you could use their planning information to find dog beaches and parks, and those that are pet friendly. One of the more unique categories they used to list is dog-friendly wineries and vineyards. We are no longer sharing this link, but feel free to send us feedback with new resources and links that may help other pet parents plan their vacations.

Trips with Pets

Trips with Pets also helps you identify pet-friendly places to stay along your route. In addition, they have a list of chains that have consistent pet policies that can help you find lodging all over the country. Don’t forget about car rental. You can book a car rental with a pet-friendly policy directly through this site. Check out their travel tips and travel supply store too.

Southwest Airlines

Tap into these resources to locate dog-friendly businesses and recreation areas to make planning your trip easier. As you’re booking your travel, see if Southwest Airlines will get you to your destination. Pets under 25 pounds are allowed on domestic flights, provided they are in an approved carrier!

Walk this Weigh

San Diego-based Walk This Weigh not only offers pet sitting and at home pet exercising, but also contracts with pet friendly hotels to take care of your dogs while you enjoy non-pet vacation activities like visiting restaurants and amusement parks. It’s the best of both worlds — you get to bring your kids along for the trip without being tied to the hotel, allowing you to relax and enjoy while knowing your pet is playing, exercising and having fun in the care of a vacation nanny.

It’s Time to Book Your Trip!

And remember information can change. It’s a good idea to confirm dog-friendly policies when making reservations or before arriving at a restaurant or other destination.

Speaking of restaurants, we’ve got one more recommendation for you. You and your kid can enjoy dinner together as part of our Dine with Your Dog Program. My Perfect Pet food is made from restaurant-grade ingredients and is served in select eateries. Check out the list of dining spots for this growing program here.

So hit the road and have fun on your next vacation—with your dog.