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Selecting The Right Food

"Your food shall be your remedy and your remedy shall be your food."
        - Hippocrates, 5th century, BC.

A number of common health issues are directly related to diet.

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Fresh is Better!

We've heard that fresh, whole food is better than packaged processed food, and it is just as true for our pets. The more a food is processed, the less digestible and nutritious it is for our pets. Many pet food ingredients have been processed multiple times before even arriving at the commercial pet food plant to begin the processing for pet food. Every processing step introduced the risk of introducing contaminants and substances that are harder to digest and even potentially toxic in the pet's system, as well as lowering the nutritional quality. While some pets may be able to tolerate these substances in their system for some time, exposure over long periods of time lead to health issues that can frequently be traced back to diet.

Choosing the Best Food

Fresh costs more, and while lower prices may seem attractive, the price of pet food is only one component of the overall cost of pet care. Healthier diet choices today can lead to a healthier, longer life and reduced health related expenses in the future.

While many pet food companies claim that meat meals are more digestible and nutritious for pets, the fact is that meat meals are primarily the ground carcasses of the animals after they have been processed for other cuts and uses. Bones are not as easily digested as the flesh meats, and may contain higher than recommended levels of fluoride and other minerals that are stored in the bones and end up in the pet food. Current laws do not require these additional minerals or other substances to be included in the guaranteed analysis, and so the pet owner is unaware that there is a problem until it shows up as a health issue.

Pets are family and depend on us to make the healthiest choices we can for them. Choosing fresher, healthier food will not only improve your pet's health, but also helps to protect the entire family from health risks associated with pet foods. Better for choices for the entire family will contribute to overall to a healthier and longer life with your pet. After all, they're family.


cooking temperaturesHow a food is prepared is as important as the quality of the ingredient itself. Cooking some foods at low temperatures actually improves digestibility and allow nutrients to be more easily released in the dog's system. Most ingredients in commercial pet foods are subjected to high heat during rendering and other processing of the ingredients. Most kibble is then sprayed with highly preserved animal fat mixed with vitamin supplements to replace nutrients destroyed during processing.

The FDA has established minimum temperatures to which certain foods should be heated to destroy harmful bacteria, and nutritional data is published by the FDA and USDA for both cooked and raw foods (See the USDA Fact Sheet or the FDA Food Code for more details). All My Perfect Pet foods are cooked to the minimum temperatures established for safe food handling by the FDA/USDA, and all nutrient profiles are based on the ingredients as prepared in the food.

Comparing Food Types


My Perfect Pet meats are lightly baked to the minimum temperatures recommended by the FDA, making the food safe to store and handle, and also making it more digestible in the dog's system. Think about the texture of a fresh, raw filet. It is soft and moist, but you probably can't cut it with a fork. Lightly cooked to the recommended temperature, you can easily cut it or bite into it. (Now if you cook it at high heat for another few hours, it will be almost impossible to chew or digest, and this is what happens to foods during rendering or processing for dry food.)

Lightly baking also enhances the flavor and aroma for the dog. Think about the smell of the raw turkey as you put it into the oven, compared to the delicious aroma as you pull it out of the oven baked. It is irresistible for dogs!


Feeding a raw diet requires strict discipline in handling, serving and cleanup to avoid cross contamination with their own food or family members.

The FDA, American Animal Hospital Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and others along with a growing number of therapy pet and pet care organizations do not advocate or endorse feeding pets any raw or dehydrated non-sterilized proteins.

For that reason, My Perfect Pet offers a fresh alternative to raw, the highest nutritional quality with the added convenience and safety for the entire family.


Dehydrated foods are becoming more popular as a convenient alternative to fresh. Most dehydrated foods use low heat to dehydrate the ingredients, and may also meet the FDA requirements for food handling and safety.


The canning process requires foods to be heated to higher temperatures, and many ingredients have already been subjected to higher heat during rendering and other processing.


Dry kibble is the most highly processed and preserved of the pet food choices - making it also the lowest cost. Many pet owners add My Perfect Pet food to the dry, mixing it together to add more fresh flavor, or some prefer "cereal" in the morning and freshly baked dinner at night.

Health & Safety!

Fresh, whole foods are subject to more stringent regulation therefore more likely to be safer and healthier. Standards for pet food manufacturing are much more lenient, and contaminants in pet food can put pets and other family members are risk.

Unless specifically stated on the label, ingredients in pet food are "feed grade" meaning they are suitable only for pet food. The main suppliers of feed grade products are also the main suppliers of human food products who sell the unusable or leftover waste portions to the pet food manufacturers. Some companies purchase contaminated or expired foods reprocessed and sold as "new" ingredients to pet food companies. Even "human grade" products are frequently the leftovers from processing for more valuable food products. Restaurants routinely sell used grease and oils to local pet food companies as "human grade" ingredients - after all, they're from restaurants. And this practice is perfectly legal.



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