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  • NO meals
  • NO ground bones/frames
  • NO preservatives
  • NO corn, wheat or soy
  • NO beet pulp or sugars
  • NO synthetic vitamins
  • NO gluten


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* RESOURCES *Partners

Following are links to some of the articles that we have found most informative about pet nutrition and pet care.  We do not endorse the accuracy of information included in these links, but are providing them as a courtesy to assist in your own research to select the best pet food product for your own pets.


Pet Poison Helpline -- 800-213-6680
Pet Food Alerts
Nutrition & Feeding
AAFCO - Association of American Feed Control Officials
General Information
Frequently Asked Questions

Pet Food Alerts

FDA Pet Food Recall Products List

February 11, 2010:  Nature's Variety Recall

June, 2009:  Warning about "Meals" in pet foods
Dog Food Comparison Shows High Flouride Levels

April 20, 2009:  FDA Confirms Probe of NUTRO Pet Food Deaths, Illnesses

Good Housekeeping Safety Recalls

Melamine contaminated Pet Foods - 2007 Recall List

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Nutrition & Feeding

Foods You Should Avoid Feeding Your Dog

The Dog Food Advisor:  Dog Food Reviews and Articles

The Truth About Pet Food:  Pet Food Reviews and Articles

Metabolizable Energy and Caloric Density

Calculating Metabolizable Energy (ME) in Pet Food

What Are Good Sources of Protein? Ė Digestibility

My Perfect Pet Resources
Guaranteed Analysis and Nutritional Profiles
Raw vs Cooked Nutritional Comparison
Nutrients a Dog Needs
Competitive Product Analysis
Main Ingredients - Real Food
Whole Grain Brown Rice
Whole Potatoes
Why we donít use meals
Supplements Dogs Need
Vitamin A Toxicity
Harmful Fruits and Vegetables
Oral Care
Senior Dog Care
Urinary Tract Care

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AAFCO - Association of American Feed Control Officials

Dog Food Nutrient Profiles
Since the AAFCO manual is not available online, we have included a link to the AAFCO profiles displayed on the site. They've done a great job of keeping it informative yet simple.

AAFCO Chair Dave Syverson answers Questions and Answers Concerning Pet Food Regulations

AAFCO Manual
The complete AAFCO must be purchased. Only the Table of Contents is available online.

Pet Food Labeling and related Consumer Updates

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General Information

One of the best sites we've found for general information is:
You'll find articles and information written by veterinarians about pet health and care, including articles for dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, small pets and ferrets!

How to Brush a Dog's Teeth (articles and video)

Vetinerary News Network

The Pet Center Web Site - Basic Nutrition for Dogs

Dog Food Processing

What's Really In Dog Food

How Products are Made - Pet Food

List of Pet Food Manufacturers

Holiday Pet Tips

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