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Meat by-products:  These are the leftovers after stripping the product of all otherwise usable parts and can include bones, blood, intestines, spleens, lungs, ligaments, heads, and feet.

Meal:  Animal meals are the processed remains from rendered carcasses.  They may also contain the boiled down remains of animals we would find unacceptable for consumption, such as dead, diseased, disabled and dying livestock, among other animals.

Grain meals are made from the leftover hulls and are nothing more than highly-processed residual parts.

Animal Fat:  Made from rendered animal fat, recycled grease and oil, or oils deemed too rancid or inedible for people.  Local restaurants regularly supply leftover grease and oils to local pet food companies!  And kitchen waste management companies have two primary customers for their recycled oil: 1) companies producing biofuels;  and 2) pet food companies.
Poultry fat is common ingredient that is highly preserved before it can be delivered to pet food companies, so even if the pet food label does not contain a specific preservative one can be sure the poultry fat itself does.

Additives:  The term “additives” refers to any ingredient that has no positive nutritional value for the dog and is added solely to increase its shelf life, appeal, or lower production costs.  The chemicals used to euthanize animals, as well as those use in the rendering process can be dangerous for your dog. These chemicals can survive the cooking process, which means they end up in pet food, and ultimately, in your pet.  The end result? The same poisons designed to kill animals can end up in their food!

Preservatives: Preservatives can include butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), propyl gallate, propylene glycol (also used as a less-toxic version of automotive antifreeze), and ethoxyquin.  BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin are potentially cancer-causing agents.

Sweeteners:  These can include corn syrup, sugar, beet pulp, and cane molasses and are added to increase their appeal. Dietary sugars can aggravate health problems, including diabetes.

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