For the love of dogs

Dogs are not just pets, they are family. They are dependent on us to make the smartest possible choices for them.

After losing Hunter, one of our "kids", to contaminated pet food in 2007, we realized the only way to ensure the quality and safety of what we feed our dogs is to make it ourselves.

Our philosophy is simple

If it's good enough for us, it's good enough for them

Get Real! Get Fresh!

My Perfect Pet is formulated to be nutritionally complete for dogs, but made with the same fresh, whole foods that you trust for the rest of your family.

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Prepared with Care

My Perfect Pet is prepared using all-natural, 100% human grade ingredients. Nothing goes into our products that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.

How we make our food

For The Love Of Dogs

After losing our dog, Hunter, to contaminated pet food, we made it our mission to advocate for better nutrition and health for all pets.

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Our Customers Say

  • The Xolos at Azuwyn & Jato love this food! Ch. Azuwyn's Ain't Miss B Havin (aka Phoebe, the first coated Xolo champion in the world) is thriving and in the best shape of her life, thanks to My Perfect Pet food (and she certainly is a perfect pet)!! Phoebe won't even eat green tripe any more, but she loves My Perfect Pet food! Thank you so much for this wonderful food!

    Azuwyn, Mrs. Kathy Lawson & Jato, Mrs. Penny Inan & Mrs. Sandy Bridges

  • Jynx has more get up and go than he has had in years. He loves his My Perfect Pet food and he seems to be moving around a lot better with the weight he has already lost!

    Laurel D.

  • We had great success with our first litter of 8 perfect pups. Mom & Dad were raised on My Perfect Pet food too so now we have a second generation in the works. I was amazed at how easy it was to wean them. What a relief for Mom! This picture was taken when we got back from their first vist to the vet. All were found to be in excellent health and the vet remarked on how great they all looked.

    John, Scotts Valley, CA