Fresh, Whole Food
100% Human Grade Ingredients
Natural & Holistic

100% Balanced & Complete

100% Nutritional Disclosure



  • NO meals
  • NO ground bones/frames
  • NO preservatives
  • NO corn, wheat or soy
  • NO beet pulp or sugars
  • NO synthetic vitamins
  • NO gluten


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Privacy Policy

Digestibility and nutrition are based on two basic principles:

                            Quality of Ingredients
                            How Ingredients are Prepared

My Perfect Pet, uses only highest quality human grade ingredients prepared in our own commercial kitchen according to strictest FDA food safety standards. Our philosophy is simple, if itís good enough for us, itís good enough for them.


Fresh boneless, skinless meats lightly baked to FDA standards for safety while preserving nutrients. NO meals, ground bones or frames, hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives.   Fresh fruits and vegetables are non-GMO and pesticide free.   Supplements added to make all blends 100% complete & balanced. NO synthetic vitamins.


Enjoy the convenience and safety of cooked food, while your pet benefits from the nutrition and quality that fresh, whole REAL food can deliver!

We do not offer any medical advice or recommendations, just information about the relationship between food choices and pet health.